Bang, Bang, Bang is a Pop Erotica novel set in the eclectic Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy Triangle of Brooklyn, New York. 

Come experience the thrilling lives of a small group of friends who are forever changed after an extremely intense summer of over-lapping sexual relationships. 

Max, Brenton and Maurice are friends from college. Maurice's marriage to Amanda is falling apart as he continues his sexual escapades with various women. Maurice's best friend, Max is engaged to marry Sophie but he has a weakness for other women including Maurice's wife Amanda, that may force them to the brink.

BRenton is the typical single guy in a big city. He is a charismatic fast talker and could have just about any woman he wants, and he does, until he meets Emily. Brenton is smitten and does not know how to cope with his feeling for Emily, so he turns to sex as his outlet.

This story takes you into various venues, watering holes and swanky hang outs across Brooklyn and Manhattan. Takes you so close to the action you can taste the city. 

Sex Addiction is the follow up novel to Bang, Bang, Bang : A Summer Of Sin In Brooklyn.  The Book pick up right where we left off in the original and takes us on a journey into the Juiciest part of Brooklyn.  our entire cast of characters face even more difficult challenges.  Maurice has fallen into a steady relationship with an older woman.  Brenton and KEV are realizing that fame comes with a few pleasure and more more consequences.  Max is about to be blindsided by an event that no one was prepared for.  Amanda may just be finding her independence, even though she is still up to her old tricks.  Sophie has become a completely different person.   Sophie best fried Meghan carves out a life in the church that is about to destroy everyone and everything.

The Spell Caster's Manual is a collection of 20 year of poems written by Ainsley Burrows.  Some of the poems date back to 1996.  The breath of the work is what is most impressive about the collection.  the poem range from contemplations about the existence of God to a 16 year old with his new born on the Train. Some of the poems are surreal while others are rough hewn out of granite.  The collection is a total of 10 individual books of poetry combined.  The work shows Burrow's growth as a writer.  it also shows how he has been experimenting with language and tinkering with different forms and styles of writing.

Caribbean - coming Of Age Novel




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